DBReport 1.3 Release

New release for everyone!

This are new:

* Documentation.
* Register component schema.
* Grid and SnapToGrid.
* Print on thread.
* Cache on preview +100 (settable) pages on disk.
* Propierties.
* Translate to German thanks to Rolf Gengster (rgenster@genster.com).
– Changing size of element on MacOS fixed, others bugs fixed.

You get the component on this links:

All comments are welcome.
Best regards.

2 thoughts on “DBReport 1.3 Release

  1. andrekui

    Hi Bernardo,

    I have to correct my previous email: i found out how to set the snap to grid on and it works. The constant flicker on windows however makes it hard to see that the control sticks to the grid. The speed building the preview is IMO improved. A pity is the missing buttons in the designer. Maybe it’s a good idea that in a future version the options now only available in the designer also could be shown in a menu? Just found another problem too: If you place a control on e.g. the detail band and later decide that it’s better to place it on the report header band and try to move it to the new location, the control doesn’t appear there and it’s not reachable anymore on the original place. Because of that you can not delete it anymore or even edit it. The same i saw with a line-control on the detail band that i resized and then disappeared completely. In the first case the control is still listed in the controls list on the right panel, but there you can not edit or delete anything, maybe there should also be a contextual menu with a select / edit / delete option. In the second case the line-control has vanished from both the designer panel as well as the controls-list.

    Everything taking into account i think your product is becoming very close to release quality. Please keep going!

    Have a nice weekend.

    Best regards, Andre

    1. Hi Andrekui,

      You all right, i’ll work on flicker windows on future releases, it’s depends of demands, i have anoter priorities, but it’s schelude.

      About “missing buttons in the designer…” the idea is you personalize the UI, DBReportDesignerControl it’s a normal control like TestField or TestArea, so you can add to a Window and interact with it, like a TestArea, understand what I mean? You type some text in TestArea control and eg. you put a button for save in a file. I’ll plan future releases with undoToolkit and hide the “toolbar” then you’ll implement another form to add elements like drag or fire from menu.

      About the location of elements in bands, you all right, i’ll implement some type of restrictions.

      The element have a contextual menus (Delete, Copy, send back) Right+clic on windows (Cmd+Clic on mac, i think), so you can “Copy” the element, clic in another band Right+Click and “Paste” the element, this is the “method for move the element”.

      Thanks for comment.

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