DBReport for Xojo (IV)

Today I will write about images on DBReport for Xojo.

We use images on DBReport in three ways: as a parameter as RecordSet field or image file.

As a parameter, the parameter is assigned before calling the Designer or Print (“Logo” is an example, may be called as you want):

rpt.Parameter(“Logo”)= PictureObject

In the Designer, Add Picture element, Write “#Logo” in Property Picture.

As RecordSet field: In the Designer adds Pic element, click triangle of Field property and choose the field name.

As file image: Click in the circle with points and choose one file, this file is saved in the report definition, so you do not need more the file.

In this example uses SQLite, but it works with other databases (not used PictureValue)

This video shows how to use images.

This information is provided “As-is”. All trademarks, logos, etc. belong to their respective owners.

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