DBReport for Xojo (II)

To use DBReport component, i delivery a zip archive with the component files, Real Studio project, example report definition, dbExample and other TXT files. Unzip and open the project file. Uncomment code in the action event of pushbutton of Window1. Add a dbExample object from the unzip folder; copy “ExampleReport1.xml” to documents, run. Clik on pushbutton, the Designer window show up.

In OSX i have a problem: the frame of DBReportDesignerWindow doesn’t work, i have to change to “Modeless Dialog” i don’t know why!

In Xojo have another problem: the Project file doesn’t work. To fix this i create a New project and add the dbExample, pushbutton, copy the code and add the DBReport component files (DBReport*) to project.

This video show how to fix this problems.

This information is provided “As-is”. All trademarks, logos, etc. belong to their respective owners.

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