DBReport for Xojo (I)

DBReport is a Xojo (formerly known as Real Studio) component to create, edit and print reports in runtime; unlike xojo Report Editor which is good enough for simple reporting from databases, however don’t have an editor in runtime, lack of groups, formulas, parameters and other features. This is why i write this component.

This is main features:

  • Edit report in runtime.
  • Report definition to .xml or String (to save in a field of DB).
  • Preview of report.
  • View dataset of records.
  • Width, height, margins set or import from printer.
  • ReportHeader, ReportFooter, PageHeader, PagerFooter and n groups bands.
  • Labels, fields, lines, rectangles, images, charts (bar, line, pie).
  • Sum, count, subtotal, functions.
  • Formulas.
  • Parameters.

This is an example how DBReport works click:

This information is provided “As-is”. All trademarks, logos, etc. belong to their respective owners.

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